There are many different types of event locations. Whether a small room, conference room, party location, bar, club, castle, hotel or bigger venues like stadiums or concert halls – you can find these venues on Event Inc. The diversity of venues offers a wide range of choices to find the perfect place for your event. Event venues offer a blank canvas, literally an empty room, to create the perfect event. No matter what the occasion of your event is – a private venue or a business venue – there is always a suitable location to turn your event concepts into reality.

Beside the right location, the catering company is very important and a further key element for the success of your event. There is no fantastic event without fantastic food! The combination of an extraordinary location and perfect catering service ensures an outstanding event. You can find best adresses for the most beautiful event venues in Germany’s Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and many more.

Private party location for your next event

Do you require a private party location for a wedding, birthday or anniversary? If you do the event planning yourself,  it is crucial to inform yourself in advance about the different option of party locations and caterers. Choose the size of your event location according to the number of guests you invited. A club or bar could be perfect for your birthday, but a castle or party location in a hotel could most likely be the better venue for a wedding. A casual party can be easily organized, but if you would like to have a big and extraordinary party, it is better to contact an agency.

Agencies will help you to create your best event concepts, and of course help you choose the best party rooms and party locations. A party location should have enough space to get together, possibly to have a seated dinner and to dance. For smaller events, a private dining room in a restaurant might be a suited option. Some party locations have seperate rooms for smokers or just to chill. If you organize a party with a DJ or other entertainment, a seperate room is recommendable. No matter which event venue you choose, it is important that it matches to your personality and of course the budget available.

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Conference room for business events

Business event venues could be used for corporate events, marketing-pr events or congresses. For this type of event venue it is very important that a conference room is part of the location’s vicinities. Do check whether the confernce room has the required technical equipment.  A Data projector, internet and enough space for each participant are necessary for a successful business meeting. Sometimes other technical equipments like microphones are necessary, especially for a big meeting. The basis to creating a successful business event is professional and best-practice organization.

This could be done by the company itself or by an agency. The advantage of acquiring an agency can help the key figures to relax on the day itsself. If an agency has excellent national and international connections to partners, suppliers and creatives, many good ideas can lead to an even better and more impactful conference. Whether you will book a small or big conference room, an exhibition room or concert hall – business event venues need to cater your needs fully. Event Inc shows all possible details about a location straight away. This makes your event planning significantly easier.

Event Venues

Event Venues

Featuring gourmet catering service

No matter if you are planning a business event or a privat event, it is highly adviseable to choose your catering company with great care. In case your favorite event location does not offer a complementary catering service, you are free to choose any caterer you like. The advantage of choosing your own catering company are manifold: it allows you to implement your menue wishes and the caterer takes over the organisation on the date of your event. Menue proposals, logistic and complete organisation on the day itsself are just three core competencies of a catering company.

Furthermore, caterers can help you with great ideas regarding extraordinary food and menue proposals. Whether vegetarian, vegan or plain fare, a good caterer considers your wishes and preferences for the event menue creation. If you would like to have an extraordinary event special, live cooking could be a great idea. As you can see a perfect catering service can not only satisfy your guests but also show the guests how much you care about the quuality of your food offering.

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Catering at event venues

Event Inc’s greatest event venues

Are you looking for the perfect event venue? Event Inc presents the best event locations. No matter if you are looking for a party location, for a birthday- or wedding location, or a conference room for your next business meeting, Event Inc has the perfect event venues. Especially Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are the best adresses for your perfect event venue.

Kochlabor in Hamburg

The young and innovative Kochlabor with a special flair is located in the chique suburbs of Hamburg. The event venue creates your private party, organizes your corporate event, offers live cooking and leads exciting and sensational cooking classes with your guests.

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Event venues in Hamburg: Kochlabor

More information on Kochlabor in Hamburg

Altonaer Fischauktionshalle in Hamburg

The Fischauktionshalle Altona has an unbelievable ambience and makes every event a special experience. This event location takes over all aspects of your event planning: catering, service, decoration, technology and entertainment.

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Event venues in Hamburg: Altonaer Fischauktionshalle

More information on Altonaer Fischauktionshalle in Hamburg

The Grand in Berlin

This party location is one of the best event venues in Berlin. A combination of exclusive and modern elements is the best description for The Grand. The event team uses its individual charm and professional service to create the perfect event for you.

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Event venues in Berlin: The Grand

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Soho House / Berlin

The Soho House’s fantastic interior speaks for itself – the members club and hot spot location is perfect for every business or private event. Of course, as one of Berlin’s hottest event locations with the highest star-factor in Berlin, because George Cloney and Matt Damon use it as their Berlin-Pad, also PR and Marketing Events find a great home at the Soho House.

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Event venues in Berlin: Soho House

More information on Soho House in Berlin

Bavarian Loft in Munich

Located in the heart of idyllic Mangfalltal, the Bavarian Loft event venue impresses by its modern charme. Whether you look for a location to photo shootings or business meetings, the light and warm  Bavarian Loft is the venue deluxe. The interior consists of high-quality furniture and the rooms are just as spaceful as tastefully.

Event venues

Event venues in Munich: Bavarian Loft

More information on Bavarian Loft in Munich

Upside East in Munich

The first class event venue Upside East builds the highlight of the media bridge in Munich. Located in the upper two floors, guests are impressed by the overwhelming view that makes this venue the riht choice for exclusive events. The roof top at a height of 45 meters is just one part of the venue that was honored for its modern design.

Event venues

Event venues in Munich

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